Adult Faith Formation
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and Welcome Home

If you are not Catholic and are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith…

If you were never baptized and want to explore a relationship with Christ and Christ’s Church …

If you are a baptized Catholic who never completed initiation

by receiving the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation …

 If you are a Catholic who simply wants to learn more about your faith and share the journey…


…please submit your interest with the link below and we will be in touch with you.

RCIA Sessions Begin the

Week of September 23, 2021

Have your travels taken you near and far? Is there a deep longing within you for something more? Catholicism is a way of life and becoming a Catholic is a life long journey in faith.
The RCIA is primarily a journey of faith. It is a process which educates in the Catholic faith and, if so desired, prepares adults to receive the sacraments of the Church. More than that, it involves entering into a relationship with the risen Christ and a community of God’s people.

For more information or to register, please contact Helen Silva (702-804-8351) at

Welcome Home Ministry
9-Week Fall Session begins October 4, 2021
Classes held Thursdays
6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Do you know someone who has fallen away from the Catholic Church? Or maybe you are an adult (over 19) in need of the Sacrament of Confirmation?

If you know someone who has fallen away from the Catholic Church...Statistics show that most people who have drifted away from the Catholic Church still identify themselves as Catholics — it’s ingrained into their very being. Many want to return to the sacramental life of the Catholic Church, but don’t know where to start. Do you know somebody who has been away from the Catholic Church? Often, all it takes is a word of invitation. Invite them to explore our Welcome Home Ministry. We offer a series of sessions designed to help seekers find answers to their questions, rediscover their Catholic roots, and gently return to the sacramental life of the Catholic Church. 

If you are an adult (over 19) in need of the Sacrament of Confirmation...There are many reasons why baptized Catholics who have received the sacrament of Holy Eucharist sometimes do not complete their initiation into the Catholic Church by receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Regardless of your situation, we invite you to grow in your faith and complete your sacramental initiation into the Catholic Church.  Our Welcome Home Ministry offers a 7-week series of sessions designed to accompany you through this process.

Contact Helen Silva at (702-804-8351)
for more information.

Parish Sponsors - Is This You???



Each year we have a number of adults who are exploring membership in the Catholic Church, or are desiring to complete their initiation into the Church.

Many times they come to us alone. Sponsors are people who walk this journey of faith with these candidates. Sponsors accompany the seeker as they discern God’s call to live as a Catholic, offering support, encouragement, a listening ear, and a connection with the larger parish community. Parish Sponsors join the seeker for weekly sessions and special rituals, invite them to parish events, introduce them to the life of the community, and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Parish sponsors don’t have to know everything about the Church – they are not the catechists, but rather companions on the journey of faith – people who want to share the joy of their relationship with Jesus and the Church with others.

We are in need of active, faith-filled parishioners to serve as parish sponsors for those in RCIA and Welcome Home.  If this is where God is calling you, please contact Helen Silva (702-804-8351) at