Televised Masses for the Sick and Homebound

The Sunday Mass on television is an outreach of the Diocese of Las Vegas that serves those who, for reasons outside of their control, are unable to attend Sunday Mass. For those who are interested in viewing our televised Masses, or might know someone who would be comforted by this outreach, these Masses can be viewed here on our website each week, and on the CW Network every Sunday morning. Check your local listings.

When you attend the taping of these televised Masses, and participate as a member of the assembly, you remind the homebound that they are loved by their brothers and sisters in Christ, and that they remain a vibrant part of our faith community.  Please join us!

Roman Catholic Mass for the Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time with Fr. Gerald Grupczynski, SChr, Pastor of Our Lady of Las Vegas Roman Catholic Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Music is by Lissy De Jesus and Brian Hicks and readings are by Don Schaefer.

Catholic Mass for September 13, 2020: The Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Roman Catholic Mass for the Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time with Fr. Rogelio Molina, Newly-ordained Parochial Vicar of St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church, Las Vegas, Nevada. Music is by Stephanie Logan and Dan Ellis and readings are by Teresita Gnagy.