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Welcome to the SEAS Video Library - Faith Formation and continuing education
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Catholic Basics
These 30-minute videos cover basic areas of Catholic belief and practice.

Bible Study on the Gospel of Matthew
Sessions will last approximately 30 minutes and will cover a chapter at a time.

Since the Gospel of Matthew is the gospel we’ll hear throughout the year,
it’s our hope that this study of the words and teachings of Jesus as presented
by Matthew will enrich our hearing of the Gospel message — helping us better
understand and experience the voice of Jesus speaking to us today just as
powerfully as it did for the community for whom the Gospel was first written.


When we offered this study “in person” at the beginning of the year

we had 150 participants. Now, through the wonders of technology,

we can reach even more people — fulfilling Jesus’ command

to preach the Good News to the ends of the world!